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Every moment is a teaching moment. We engage learning with simple and profound lessons. We protect America's Family when we remember her history.


Liberty Kids continues to be an awesome addition to our school.  Our Color Guard is in hot demand at community functions and the program ranks high on parent surveys about what they consider to be positive about Ferron Elementary.  I have to share one little girl’s comment I overheard at our end-of-year party.  As she danced in the dark with a red-white-blue glowstick around her neck, I heard her say, “It is so worth it to be a Liberty Kid!”  Thanks for this great program.
Vicki (teacher)

Regarding a professional development class attended… We had a great time.  I would do it again.

Mr. Trimble (principal)

This week I had the most amazing experience at my sons Cub Scout Pack Meeting. We were invited to attend our Richfield Armory, where, we were taught, among other things, how to fold the American Flag and what each flag fold represents.  Before beginning the fold the Staff Seargent, Sargeant Soto, asked the Scouts, “Who can tell me what the RED on the American Flag represents.”  Without hesitation, my Kindergartner raised her hand and responded.  I immediately noticed SHE was the only one with her hand up.  Then he asked about the color, WHITE.  Again, the only hand was my Kindergartners.  it was this way when he asked about the BLUE, as well as the STARS and STRIPES.  I realized immediately I wasn’t the one who taught her this, but, her teacher, Mrs. McKinnlay, through our Liberty Kids Program. I appreciate this program and all it is teaching my children in becoming courageous Americans with service-inspired hearts!  Thanks

Colleen (parent)


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