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Gov. Herbert visits Liberty Kids

Staff Writer of the Emery County Progress Newspaper

Ferron Liberty Kids were honored by a visit from Gov. Gary Herbert. Gov. Herbert came to Ferron Elementary School to honor the Liberty Kids May 1 and to participate in a special school assembly for the Liberty Kids. Principal Brian Dawes stated, “The students sitting in the bleachers with the Governor in the flagged area have all earned their Liberty Kids patches this year. Which means they have each given from two to six hours of service, they have memorized some patriotic quotes, learned a patriotic song, and been a good citizen throughout the school year in their behavior and in their grades. More than half of the students at Ferron Elementary School earned the award. Out of 285 students 170 earned their Liberty Kids Award.”

This Ferron Elementary School Assembly opening ceremony started with posting the United States of America flag by the Liberty Kids Color Guard.

This was followed by a pledge and the National Anthem sung by all in attendance.

The Student Council President Colton Willson welcomed Gov. Herbert and guests. Others in attendance included Mayor JoAnn Behling, Commissioners Jeff Horrocks, JR Nelson, and Laurie Pitchforth.

The preschool students sang a song and recited a poem.

Gov. Herbert then addressed the Liberty Kids and the entire group.

To the students he said, “I know you are all proud to be Ferron Elementary School Students.”

The students responded with a loud yes and a clapping of hands.

The Governor said, “I know you have great teachers here, parents that care about you and love you. They want to make sure that you have a great experience while you are here at school. I have two points that I want to teach today.”

He then asked the group what is the purpose of being here in school? The response was to get an education.

“Getting an education is very important, however there are some things to learn other than reading, writing and arithmetic. Such as you learn to get along with people. Your education is to get some of the social skills too. It is important that when you come to school you learn. The teachers and your parents will help you learn. It is more and more important in today’s society that you have a good education, social skills and trade skills. Education is the door to opportunity. The thing that I want you to learn today is that if you want to get a job when you become an adult you will need a good education,” said the Governor.

The Governor then asked the group, “If you want to get a job?” They responded, “Get an education.” This was repeated several times by the Governor and by the audience.

He said it is important that you stay in school, that you help each other out and when you graduate from high school you can go on to post high school for more education. We have an adult high school program called 66 by 2020. That stands for 66 percent of our adult population will have some kind of post high school education by 2020. Which means you can go to college, or a trade school, you can become a plumber, a machinist, a technician, a coal miner or learn to do anything you want to become. Education gives you many opportunities in life. When you become an adult your education will help you to get a job.

“The second thing that I want to speak to you about is, What happens when you become 18? Yes, you will be able to drive a car. Yes you can go on to college. Yes, you can move out. Yes, you can get a drivers license. What else happens when you become 18. You can vote. You will get the opportunity to vote and that is really important. We are talking about liberty here today. We are talking about how important it is to be Americans. We have an opportunity to vote. When you turn 18 you will get a card from the Lt. Governor that will say Happy Birthday on your 18th birthday. Please fill out the enclosed Voter Registration form and register to vote. You will have an opportunity to vote like your parents do, like your teachers do and vote for things that are important to you. You can vote for the President of the United States, the Governor, the County Commissioners, the Sheriff, the next Legislator or Senator and the School Board members. You can vote on School Bonds, on Road Bonds, on tax issues.

It is important that when you turn 18 that you register to vote and that you vote.

“You will be able to say, on this day we celebrated our Liberty Kids and the Governor came here to day to tell you how important it is that you participate in the voting process,” said Gov. Herbert.

Gov. Herbert said, “When I turned 18 I promised myself that I would always vote. I am here to tell you that I have never missed voting. How many here to day will promise to register and always vote by a show of hands?”

All hands went up.

“That is good because we need you young people to participate and vote. You are our future. You have a bright future, you are smart, you are intelligent people, you are good workers, you have leadership qualities and you have many opportunities here in America. Thank you for your participation here today. I am honored to be here with you and thank you for inviting me to come here. You have great teachers, parents, they care about you, they love you. I would hope that all of you as students, whether you’re in pre-school, kindergarten, first grade to sixth grade that you love each other. You need to make sure that you are always nice to each other and in the struggles of life that you will help each other. You will be friends forever if you will do that,” said the governor.

Then again Gov. Herbert asked the question, “If you want get a job? The response was, “Get an education.” After the governor finished speaking, the kindergarten students recited a poem followed by a short patriotic video about Liberty Kids. This was followed by the sixth grade students wearing matching dark red T-shirts performing a dance titled “Made in America.” The Certificates of Achievement and Liberty Kids Patches were handed out by Gov. Herbert with the assistance of Principal Dawes and Teacher Stephanie Roper.

The school then presented Gov. Herbert with a Liberty Leader certificate.

After the assembly was completed the governor, teachers and the Liberty Kids retired to the lunch room where each class and teachers were photographed with the Governor. Each student, the governor and teachers were treated to a cinnamon roll made by the lunch ladies.


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