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Every moment is a teaching moment. We engage learning with simple and profound lessons. We protect America's Family when we remember her history.

3 New FREE iPad Lesson Plans

Liberty's Penny

Liberty’s Penny FREE

Through the message of a penny, discover what unites the diverse cultures of America. All ages will understand the meaning of liberty and how to protect and grow it in your life. Liberty’s Penny illustrates that power comes to a liberty loving people. Using music, math, science and language arts makes liberty unforgettable at even the youngest age.

Liberty's Vision Lesson PlanLiberty’s Vision FREE

Join the signers of the Declaration of Independence, understand the importance of a keystone, and see how our liberty is protected.

Lady Liberty Lesson PlanLady Liberty FREE Coming Soon

Meet Lady Liberty! Why is she a symbol of America? Where did she come from? Learn about immigration in the early 1900’s and the refuge America is for people around the world. Math, art, and language arts are infused in this lesson in unforgettable ways.


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